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The Fixie: A New, Old Fitness/Transportation Device

Ah, the art of the fixed gear bicycle! And the simplicity too! I started riding a fixed gear bike years ago for fall/winter training for bicycle road racing.

The primary use of fixed gear cycles at that time was use on banked cycling tracks (velodromes). The fixed gear bike can now be found in many urban locales as a lightweight, inexpensive transportation device. This site will have articles and tips on fixie assembly and maintenance and links where you can purchase parts and accessories to outfit your own fixie.

So you want to take the plunge but are not sure what to do.

You could purchase a complete bike, ready to go such as this Bianchi Pista:

Or you could take the route many have taken: Convert a bike for fixie use. Here is a Schwinn Traveller painted and converted:

And here is an old Sekai mountain bike converted to a fixie:

Whichever way you want to go, we invite you to check out FixieFixins for articles on the topic and take a gander at the parts and accessories offered for sale. We welcome any questions or comments through the "Contact" link at the bottom.

And we would really like to see a picture of your fixie! Send your JPEG photo (200 KB max) and any information you wish to include to pix(at)fixiefixins.com (change “(at)” to @ for email. Photos will be uploaded after approval.

Thanks for visiting.